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ontbijtA healthy breakfast couldn't be further from our minds when we wake up in the morning, according to new research. It found that we'd much prefer to check our social media. 

Nearly four in 10 Britons regularly skip breakfast at home with many admitting they are too busy on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter or catching up on emails.

In fact just 63 per cent of people usually have breakfast at home these days, with logging on to the internet taking precedence over having an early morning bite to eat.

New research among 2,000 people by Belvita Breakfast biscuits found almost one in three adults checks emails in the morning, while nearly a quarter log on to Facebook and Twitter to keep up with friends, leaving them short of time to eat breakfast. Other modern-day morning pressures in homes with both partners working include ironing clothes, washing up, preparing an evening meal, walking a dog and getting packed lunches ready.

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