Welcome to the International Media Literacy Network!

logo MediaLiteracyNetworkThe media has had a considerable influence on our children for many years now; one could even go so far as to say it shares in their upbringing, guiding their view of both themselves and the world around them.

The goal of the non for profit Media Literacy Network is to stimulate and initiate worldwide cooperation between Media Literacy organizations, which share our vision on the right of children to be guided and educated in this mediated world. By worldwide cooperation the Media Literacy Network aims at improving and accelerating the effectiveness of Media Literacy projects around the world.

That is why we cordially invite you to join us in the Media Literacy Network and exchange knowledge, creativity, experiences, projects, research, publications, events and materials with other Media Literacy organizations around the world. This makes the network the perfect place to meet international partners for your projects!

The Media Literacy Network will also organize worldwide sessions, congresses and masterclasses to facilitate members of the network in meeting, inspiring and supporting each other. Besides the meetings the network will also initiate new Media Literacy projects to share with you. These projects will result in hands-on materials that will improve Media Literacy among children, parents and teachers.

Are you involved in Media Literacy in your country and are you willing to share your knowledge and experiences with international colleagues? Then please feel free to join us in the Media Literacy Network and contact us at or +31 6 435 879 54 (Liesbeth Hop)

Brochure: book The WIFI-generation

wifiengcover450There’s a revolution coming, and coming fast. It will have drastic consequences, not only on the way we bring up and educate our children, but also on the way that businesses and even entire countries are run! We won’t know what hit us if we don’t embrace this new uprising.

We’re talking about the advent of a truly WiFi-centric generation – children and young people who are permanently online through super-modern games consoles and smartphones.

Don’t be fooled into thinking a phone is just a phone for young people any more; no, these devices offer the WiFi generation unhindered access to the mobile Internet with all its opportunities, anywhere and at any time. And this is happening out of our sight, unsupervised and in total privacy.

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